Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Let the Postings Begin for Spring 2006!

It's time for another term of Advanced Organizational Communication! We have met in class for a few weeks now and students should begin their postings soon. We really appreciate the excellent response we had last year from the blogosphere and hope we can continue the dialogue this "Spring" term as well (I use the scare quotes because it is nowhere near Spring yet but we like to be optimistic here at Northeastern rather than saying "Winter" term).

In class now we are reading Phil Tompkins' book Apollo, Challenger, Columbia: The Decline of the Space Program -- A Study in Organizational Communication. Our focus is on what organizations must do in order to main an ethical and effective system of communication for both internal and external stakeholders.

We'll also have a great project on corporate blogging starting in a few weeks. We'll be partnering with John Cass of Backbone Media. Details to come!