Saturday, December 17, 2005

Final Blog Postings: Blogging As Organizational Communication

Our semester is now complete and I would like to announce that our final blog postings will come from three of our students reflecting on why blogging should be studied in a course on organizational communication (at the advanced undergraduate level). Specifically, they were asked to draw on course concepts in making their most compelling argument for the following question:

“Why would you study blogging in an organizational communication class? What concepts from organizational communication give you any special insight into blogging?”

In three separate posts to follow, we will hear from what I consider to be the top responses to this question from the Fall 2005 class. I have received permission from each of the students to post their brief essays (each student was limited to 500 words): Leigh Taginski, Becky Meyer, and Emily Bhatti.

One essay will be posted over the next three days, starting today.