Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Future for blogs

I was reading that Voice section of the September 2005 issue of Financial Planning and come accross the "10 questions section" which were directed toward Dan Hunter and Kevin Werbach on Blogs and NewInformation Center of Gravty.When asked "where are we right now on the blog evoloution timeline?" Hunter responded that they will continue to advance. he also said that "The remarkable opportunity for blogs to lower the cost of creating and publishing content means that the amount of information and commentary to address this small niche of financial planners could, and probably will, expand expodentially. You might see hundreds, if not thousands, of collaborative media that will spring up to address this niche- and thats a wonderful thing!"

We were talking in class about blogs changing the way people use print such as newpapers, magazine, and books....this seems to be something that people are thinking of already, as a route that blogs might goit will be interesting to see how copywriting and sales are affected by this. It would make newspapers, magazines and books online so much more accessible, then again companies may not go to that in fear of losing sales. it becomes a toss up. This would not mean just with financial niches but with all niches.