Thursday, December 01, 2005

Encouraging email from Tompkins!

Hi guys! Tompkins read our response and here is what he had to say about it!
Hi Gretchen,

Wonderful! A writer/professor could not ask for a better, more thoughtful response. First, it proves the students read and understood the book. Second, thy used some of my own value premises in their response. Third, they were thinking. Please share with them my appreciation of their response. In addition, let them know that I will be giving a speech in late January in Daytona Beach. There willbe some NASA people there, college students like you and your colleagues, and people from the community. They want me to stress communication, to begin with Challenger, move on to Columbia, then move backwards in time to Apollo. I will then develop my improvement on an economic theory about asymmetrical information--I will call it the inequality of information--and then close with the information from Deep Throat. Call it Automatic Responsibility. Call it Penetration. Call it speaking the truth to power. I will meet with a class reading ACC. That will be fun. They will be giving me a big stipend, but I would have met with your class for expenses. In a week moment I might have come at my expense. Thanks, Gretchen, for the lively correspondence.

With admiration and regards, Phil