Saturday, November 19, 2005

Celebrity Blogs

In going with recent posts about the rising popularity of blogs and the power that they have, I remembered in class how we talked about different celebrity blogs such as Zach Braff. I decided I wanted to see what some of them were writing and I did a search for celebrity blogs online. The most interesting article I found was the "Best Celebrity Blogs" from Forbes Magazine. I didn't recognize all of the celebrities, but I found it interesting that Barbara Streisand even has a blog! (When you read the article you have to click on the link box that says Click Here for the Best Celebrity Blogs to see the list and keep hitting next- I found it a little confusing). I couldn't get her blog to open, the link did not work, but it seems rather well rounded from the article covering everything from the War in Iraq to her fan base. Like in her article there is a complaint about how often she posts, as seems to be the case with most other celebrities- but seeing as how they are so busy all the time I just think it's great that they do this at all.