Thursday, November 17, 2005

Call Center Abuse

Hi everyone,
I wanted to follow up on Tuesday’s discussion on call centers and Indian outsourcing. While searching other blogs on blogger, I came upon an interesting article from the San Francisco Chronicle that describes the daily abuse many Indian call center employees have to go through. I encourage everyone to read the article because it gives an interesting perspective, as well as an inside look at Indian call centers and outsourcing. Mike McPhate reports that American citizens are constantly verbally abusing call center employees. The following quote is an example of the verbal abuse many call center employees have to go through on a daily basis: “The caller greeted her with a torrent of racial and sexual slurs, accused her of "roaming about naked without food and clothes" and asked, 'What do you know about computers?'” The anti-outsourcing movement from many Americans has spawned the creation of a new Indian sitcom that documents life at a call center, depicting many westerners as arrogant, and “comically rude.” As a country stricken by poverty, McPhate reports that many of the call center employees feel lucky to bring home a monthly salary of $200-400 and feel as though it comes with the territory to swallow these insults and move on with their job.
For call centers I think there should be a new movement to control the customers, but how? As human beings no one should have to go through this daily abuse, and I think the US corporations who have outsourced their company need to gain more control and enforce stronger policies to dissuade callers from this verbal abuse. This behavoir would not be tolerated in the United States, so why should it be tolerated elsewhere?