Sunday, November 13, 2005


Recently in class we have been discussing the growing trend toward McDonaldization, which was elaborated on in Cameron's book. Cameron's book also briefly mentioned George Ritzer's study on McDonaldization. Coincidentally, in my Sociology of Work class we are discussing similar concepts and have read excerpts from Ritzer's work. Ritzer talks about how McDonaldization has led to an increase in "McJobs" which relies mostly on teenage, part-time workers and minorities. McJobs are also low paying jobs and they entail simple tasks and predictable work.

Moreover, I thought Ritzer made a very interesting point in his piece about customers becoming more involved in the labor process. For example, he points out that things like ATM machines and Self-Service gas stations are requiring the customer to do more work then ever before. Do you think that increasing customer involvement is a good practice or more importantly, an ethical practice?