Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Call Centers

After our discussion of call centers on Tuesday I wanted to show you all this blog that I found. It is from an employee, actually a supervisor, of a call center of a "huge, multi-national corporation." From the title of his blog alone "The Supervisor of Customer Service Hell" I could tell that he probably had alot to say about some of the disadvantages of call center work that we have talked about. He discusses some of the stress of dealing with customers and feelings of apathy. On his July 2 post he includes a script of an encounter with an employee or agent at his company. Just from the fact that he decided to include this particular exchange shows his frustration with his job and even his co-workers.
If you look to the right of his blog he has a list of other call center blogs. After referencing those, you can references others. There seems to be a whole community of call center bloggers. After I looked at these I seem to get the feeling that most of these employees are not happy with their jobs. Maybe Cameron was right, call center work stinks...look at these blogs, what do you think?