Friday, December 09, 2005

How Blogging Mirrors Living, by Cristina Calderaro

After recently ending a hostess job I used to work frequently, and finding a bit more time on my [usually tied] hands, I thought today about work, and how it pertains to the quality of life. Life is always better for me when I have a lot of work to do- odd, but true for many of us. I thought of blogging, in relation to work, too (5 years ago this sentence would have confused many, I know). I realized how the two- life and blogging- are very much interconnected. One is almost a metaphor for the other... think about it. When we do our work, and are happy, people always are interested to know what we are up to, how we’re doing, where we’re going out Friday night- you know the drill. For bloggers, when they do their work, and blog each day (or close to that at least), people tune in and want to hear all about it. Readers become addicted almost. An example is John Mayer’s MySpace blog- his fans love his blogs, and part of that is because they are written consistently (I'll explain the other part in another conversation sometime). As a result, John is getting his fans even more pumped up about him, and about his music, which I'm sure is great for his career- and so constructive. But when bloggers don't do their work, blogs gets harder and harder to follow, and we become I think a little distanced from them... here's an example. About a month and a half ago I found a blog called CelebrityScum. This site has gossip about celebrities (I found it doing research for another project). While their posts are great- always very entertaining and informative, it's a site thats posts usually only come few and far between, unfortunately. I went to check this site today and there was a blog there which said that the domain was being sold. While the editor mentioned on the blog that they were re-working the entire site altogether, I think that people were starting to get frustrated with the blog, as well: "Everybody wants to know what happened to CelebrityScum. The numerous emails made that pretty clear" ( The posts on this blog were very inconsistent from month to month, and I think if they had posted more regularly, they woudln't need to sell the domain now... (just my two cents).
I think the sad end to celebrityscum can teach us all of the importance in keeping on top of our lives, and our blogs, by putting in as much as we can, every single day. The success went to the sure and steady tortoise, let’s not forget. Blogging is really much like living. It's how much you put in that determines how much you get back. There's an interesting connection I think there.