Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Thank You from Advanced Organizational Communication (Fall 2005)

I would like to thank all of the students for their contributions to the blog throughout the semester.

On behalf of the whole class I would also like to thank all of those outside our course who have linked to our site or posted comments (John Cass, Kip Meacham, Alex, Debbie Weil, Jeremy Pepper, Jack Vinson, The Supervisor, Louie, Elizabeth Albrycht, Dr. Joanne Detore-Nakamura, Zane Safrit, and Phil Gomes), as well as those who agreeed to be interviewed for our Blog Analysis Report assignment (for purposes of anonymity we will not mention specific names).

Special thank yous go to the following people:

- John Cass of Backbone Media for contributing the report "Corporate Blogging: Is It Worth the Hype?" and discussions about that report;

- Pete Blackshaw and Christopher Hannegan for contributing the Edelman and Intelliseek report "Talking from the Inside Out: The Rise of Employee Bloggers";

- Dr. Phil Tompkins for the dialogue about his book Apollo, Challenger, Columbia: The Decline of the Space Program

We will have another section of this course in the "Spring" term (which actually means during the cold New England winter), so look out for new posts in another month or so!