Monday, February 13, 2006

Calling All Successful Corporate Bloggers! Invitation to Participate in Academic-Industry Research Collaboration

The Advanced Organizational Communication class at Northeastern University is collaborating with John Cass from Backbone Media to better understand the reasons, conditions and factors it takes to make a successful blog, and in the process help a company to determine if they should blog and how they should blog. To this end students will interview several corporate bloggers with a view to determining how the blogger's company started blogging and what makes their blogs successful.

If you are interested in participating in the project contact John Cass at Backbone Media (his email is john AT backbonemedia DOT com) or you can contact Dr. Walter Carl (my email is w.carl AT neu DOT edu). When the students have transcribed the blogger interviews, Backbone Media will analyze the student interviews and publish edited highlights for inclusion in the study results. The students will learn from conducting the interviews and also publish posts about the interviews on our course blog.

Please note that there will be some initial qualifying questions to determine if the blogger will be included in the case studies.

The stamp above indicates this research project has been approved by Northeastern University's Division of Research Integrity.

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