Friday, May 05, 2006

Final Blog Postings: Organizational Communication Imperatives and Corporate Blogging

It's that time of the semester again!

Our semester is now complete and I would like to announce that our final blog postings will come from three of our students reflecting on how organizational communication imperatives (what communication principles organizations need to enact in order to be successful) impact corporate blogging efforts.

Specifically, students were required to write an essay (500-750 words) that shows how an organizational communication imperative (organizational identification, automatic responsibility, empowerment, speaking truth to power, communication climate, etc.) informs the practice of corporate blogging.

In three separate posts to follow, we will hear from the top three responses to this question from the Spring 2006 class. I have received permission from each of the students to post their brief essays (in alphabetical order):
Leah Hyland
Krystle Randall
Kennie Swanson
And please note that for most of the students in the class this was their first exposure to corporate blogging. Feel free to comment!

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