Friday, October 07, 2005

NASA website analysis

First I want to point out that the organization of the NASA website is impeccable. The design is laid out clearly and is very user friendly. It is bright, with many pictures and examples of what NASA does. The website portrays NASA as an optimistic organization and who is proud about the milestones they accomplish. If I were browsing the website, inquiring about a job, I would notice that NASA is giving many opportunities to people and gives many answers to how to get into the organization or programs in general if you know that you want to become apart of their team. Their culture appears to be open and very communicative. They offer many business opportunities and outline the tasks clearly on their website.

When reading about NASA’s next trip to the moon, I found that they were very thorough as to their intentions and what they want to accomplish. They also used pictures and descriptive language to aid the reader in understanding what is going to happen. Each mission they talk about on the website has pictures and links to find out more information about them. It seems as though they want the public to know as much as possible about their missions as they can. It seems they are using this site as a learning tool for those who are in and want to be in the astronautics field.

Another thing I thought was interesting was that they have speeches posted on their website from people in the company on different issues concerning space and NASA in general. They have alerts and breaking news on their website about new developments that they want the public to know about. It seems as though NASA is more open then it was in past years about what is going on in the organization. The last thing I thought was very interesting was that you can create your own account on “mynasa” to search and save articles you find about NASA. You can create your own page, which seems similar to creating ones own website on the internet. This also allows you to use up to date news and information about NASA that you want to post specifically on your page.
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