Friday, October 07, 2005

NASA Website Analysis: A Peek at their Organizational Culture

History of the Challenger Disaster and Investigation
NASA's website contained many links filled with information on the Challenger disaster. The thing I found interesting is that debris of the challenger continues to appear on shore 10 years after the disaster occurred. The debris was found by a beach goer in Cocoa Beach, Florida.

History of the Columbia Disaster and Investigation
It was nice to see that this section contained various amount of information for anyone looking for extensive information on the Columbia accident. There are biographies of the astronauts on board that passed away in the disaster. As well as PowerPoint slides that demonstrate the inner parts of the shuttle giving people a clearer image of what failed on February 1, 2003.

Organizational Culture and Climate of NASA
At first glance of NASA's website I could tell it is a diverse organization and proud of it. Their career link has good insight on the variety of employees NASA hires. It also seems that NASA likes to maintain a high employee morale with their "employee of the year" recognition.