Sunday, October 09, 2005

NASA Website Analysis: A Warm Climate

What I found most intriguing about NASA's website, was the abundance of information available. When looking at the history of the Challenger I was very fascinated to read the transcript from the missions voice recorder and see how light hearted the conversation seemed to be before the disaster. Although they talked of technical information you could see that they laughed at each other and joked around, yet still being serious only to have a tragedy occur momentarily.

One thing that stood out to me most about the Columbia disaster was the Interactive Tribute to the Fallen Heroes of Columbia ( This stood out to me, because when you clicked on the memories link, it showed cards made by students expressing their condolences. Although there was information on how the disaster happened and recommendations for the problems that occurred, I think this showed a warm, heart felt side of NASA and goes to show that although NASA faced tragedies they dealt with the crises on many levels (which is a different view than what the Tompkins book gave me).

As a result of exploring the website, I realized NASA has put a lot of time into providing education to people. For example, the first thing I noticed when I opened the home page was the links for kids, educators and researchers. I feel as though NASA considers education a very important aspect of their culture and by having a very interactive website people can easily learn about the many parts of NASA.