Thursday, April 06, 2006

"When You Take Your Pigs to Market, You Have to Tell People About Them"

Everywhere I turn these days, I hear something new about blogging. Even my mom has called me to tell me now that I’ve talked to her about blogging, she is noticing it on the internet and it being discussed on the news. Even driving down the parkway I’ve seen huge billboards that reads “BLOGGING” with a small AT&T logo at the bottom. Blogging is a hot new trend in not only corporate world, but also the entertainment industry. The television industry seems to be hopping in the blogging boat. USA TODAY, published an article April 5th called, “TV Goes to Blogs: Shows Add Extra Information as Treat for Fans.” The article talks about how not only do popular TV shoes like Grey’s Anatomy, The OC, and The Unit, have fan websites about the shows, but now have blogs. Some of these blogs are written by the actual characters on the show while others are written by the producer or director.

Stacy McKee, a Grey's staff writer, writes a blog about the Nurse's Station, which is a blog written from Nurse Debbie's point of view. Chris Van Dusen, who is the assistant to creator Shonda Rhimes, writes Joe's Blog, done from character Joe the bartender's perspective and there is a third blog that is written by whoever writes that week's episode. McKee says, "to have the fly-on-the-wall character who sees them at work and then in the evening — a similar voice as the fans' but a little more information. It's like gossiping with your friends when you read it." Grey’s blog has been very successful for the TV show, which leading to a book being published about the characters used in the blogs.

I found it funny that even the OC has their own blog that is written in the voice of character Summer Roberts. This blog talks about what you should wear for the upcoming season, or what shoes you just need to have. However, not all of these TV blogs are written in the voice of a TV character. Eric Haney, executive producer of The Unit, uses his blog to give his fans a backstage pass into the show, his goal is to give fans, a "little inside peek" at the show. "Everyone wants to feel like you're sitting down to talk to them." I thought it was interesting how he compared himself to a low-tech dinosaur in the article. The blogging technology has made not only huge corporations start blogging, but even TV producers. He said, “I thought it was pretty funny that we needed to have a blog, but I'm one of the owners. When you take your pigs to market, you have to tell people about them." I think he is right saying you have to be open to talk about what you are doing, no matter if it is a huge corporation or a television show. Do you think a lot of producers, executives, and top management feel as though they are “low-tech dinosaurs” and just can’t understand blogging? If more people in the industry were blogging savvy, would TV ratings go up or attract a louder fan base?