Monday, April 24, 2006

What can blogging bring?

What can a blog do if it’s successful? I found a very interesting list of potential benefits on the web here:

This site lists 7 good things that can come from blogging:

1) Humanize your business, which is something we’ve talked about as a class.
2) Improve your customer service. It can provide easier access to answers for customers.
3) Give your target market information they’re looking for.
4) Drive traffic to your sales website.
5) Build your credibility (unless you’re Walmart) and establish yourself as an industry expert.
6) Promote your products or services.
7) Generate extra income.

This is a pretty good look at the upside of blogging. For success, this site recommends similar tips that we’ve seen here: great content, regular updating and having a distinct voice. It says that blogs are not the place for corporate speak and that people are often drawn to them because they offer the human element that we’ve so often talked about.
I felt this would be another great addition to the multitude of posts we already have considering what makes a blog successful. The ones we’ve defined as being successful, are they getting some of these benefits listed above from blogging? Or did they define success by other means?