Tuesday, April 25, 2006

We've come a long way baby

I was reading over our class blog and I must say we have certainly picked up momentum and, if I can say so myself, we are turning out to be quite the informational blog. I really think we have some great resources here--we have information on how to start blogging, why people should blog, what some of the benefits and detriments can be (opening the door for critical feedback, competitors seeing your products), and other neat tips and factoids. At the beginning of the semester I would have never thought that we would grow so much as a blog.

So, congrats team! We have successfully navigated the world of blogs (with much more to learn of course), and we have even begun to network--another great aspect of blogging. I know I have met and interacted with multiple people with whom I hope to continue speaking with. I have also had the privilege to be involved in a podcast, "earSHOT" with Edelman PR (http://www.edelman.com/) which should be available via their website shortly.

Thus, this is not a goodbye, but merely a "see you around" the blogosphere :-)