Tuesday, April 18, 2006

The "Splogsplosion"

What is all this I hear about spam on blogs? In an interview with my corporate blogger she expressed concern over the amount of spam on blogs. She said that she could not allow trackbacks on her corporate blog because spam will take over. This is a huge issue because trackbacks are a great way to build relationships among bloggers and ultimately pinpoint the best blogs.

Since none of us are very familiar with blogs I thought it would be worth it to mention the “splogsplosion” which took place in October 2005. I was surfing blogs to see what they had to say about spam, or, “splog.” I stumbled across a post by Arvind Katoch called “SPLOG: Latest Blogging Spam.” He explains exactly what happened when splogs took over the ever so popular, Blogger.

Splogs are designed so that they basically alter search engine results. People will have a splog or, a fake blog full of advertisements. Once someone clicks on the trackback or link to the fake blog, the author will get paid by the advertisers and will also move up in the search engine rankings. Outrageous! This means that the bloggers get paid every time someone clicks on the advertisements, however, the reader does not know they are advertisements, and not blogs, until after they click on it.

Katoch explains that search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and Microsoft are suffering because they appear less credible. There are many software programs that have been released to try and combat this problem. However, as the corporate blogger I interviewed mentioned, the hackers just seem to keep breaking through the system. It seems as though splogs are a major epidemic in the blogosphere.

I’m not sure how up to date this is, however, I think this is a huge problem with blogs. I mean, bloggers can’t even take advantage of the search engine rankings because they can get clogged with splog. Why does this have to be abused? Blogs are a good thing that people should take advantage of to get their word out to a large audience. It seems there will always be those who abuse their rights. What do you all think?