Sunday, April 02, 2006

How Does a Blogger Create Credibility?

So everyone knows that a good blog would have a credible blogger. But how does one build credibility without bragging about oneself? On a Microsoft blog post, the author explains that she hates when bloggers talk themselves up, just to sound good to the world. Do you think this is necessary when blogging? Do you have to brag about every little thing you accomplished in your industry for others to take you seriously? How do you build credibility without sounding like you are trying to sell yourself?

Heather feels it is through being authentic in your blogging. I agree with this, and I'm sure you all do too, after discussing authenticity in class. It is this authenticity that attracts viewers to your blog, and humanizes it. Letting your personality show through the blog is so important to credibility, as Heather explains.

Being authentic is not about telling people what you are great at, but what you aren't so great at. People are so afriad of others seeing their weaknesses, that sometimes for people it is hard to let their personality show through. To go along with this theory, I liked how Heather listed many of her weaknesses to show people that she is human. This is so important in the recruiting industry, because so many people think that recruiters are just out for the money and do not care about the candidates' careers. Having a blog, and building their credibility through their personality is crucial in the authenticity aspect of blogging.