Monday, April 24, 2006

Corporate Blogs – Does Breadth of Success Depend on the Popular Interest Level of the Industry?

In my interview with Cathy Taylor of Adweek’s blog, Adfreak, she mentioned the fact that she’s “lucky” that her blog covers such a popular topic – advertising – because it’s something that everyone is exposed to and that people are likely to have a general interest in; as a result, it is a very popular blog, and a great majority of visitors to the blog are regular people, not industry professionals. Advertising is a very large, very public, very broad field, so it’s easy to see why many people would be interested in reading about it, especially in the short, witty, image- and link-filled form of a blog post. She contrasted her blog with having a blog about wallpaper, which has a “built-in audience,” where really only the few people involved with the industry would become involved with such a blog, and far fewer people in the general public would pay attention to or care about it. This is evidence that all corporate bloggers must each have a unique sense of what they see as “success,” because there is such variety in the range of readership.

Do you think a more niche-based blog, such as one about wallpaper, could ever rise to the level of popularity of a blog about a more universally popular topic? If a signifier of success is the number of visitors, are niche blogs doomed to be less active?