Sunday, April 16, 2006

Baby Boomer Bloggers

In class last week we had a conversation on what we would say if we were asked about blogging. Many students replied that our parents and other "older people" that we knew barely knew how to check email let alone start a blog. I agreed with my fellow students until I stumbled upon an article in my local newspaper which completely contradicts our ideas. In an article entitled "Gotta Blog" by Carol Scibelli from Long Island's Newsday the topic of baby boomers blogging is addressed.,0,6422729.story.

Carol tells her own story of how she came to begin blogging. She is a member of the baby boomers as many of our parents are and she is typing and clicking her way into the blogosphere. Carol first began a blog to show pictures and stories of her grandchildren. She started a blog entitled and her blogging and reading of other blogs has become an "addictive passion." Carol goes on to explain how blogging has help her to come together with others that she grew up with in Queens and Flushing, NY which is the location that many of the Long Island Baby Boomers were raised. She also finds that blogging has led her to a whole new life on the internet that she never knew existed.

I wonder if this is something that will continue? Will my parents become addicted to blogs and post information about me on their blogs? Is it a good thing that this generation is getting into blogging? I think we should all check with our parents about this topic. Many student's parents might actually be tricking their children into thinking they are not familiar with blogs but who knows, they could have a whole blog out there with pictures of you on it and you don't even know!