Thursday, March 02, 2006

Observing Automatic Responsibility

After class on Tuesday, I went off to work at Routhier Placement. We had debated automatic responsibility, and I had felt that it is able to take place in organizations. When I was at work, I happened to notice it on numerous accounts. Now granted Routhier Placement is a fairly small organization, every single employee takes on the responsibility of others when needed. When I first started working there on my co-op, I was trained to do more than I was originally set out to do. I later learned that everyone in the organization had been trained just like me in order to be able to "hold the fort down" when needed.

So on Tuesday, I was sitting in my cubicle when I observed the first sign of automatic responsbility. The receptionist had stepped away from the front desk and the phone rang, and had continued to ring on multiple lines. Normally, I would just pick the phone up and answer it, but the President of the company, Tom Routhier, sat at the front desk and handled the calls. How many Presidents do you know that would take on the responsibilty of the receptionist?
Another instance when automatic responsbility occured was when a call had come in, with a woman that had an interest in a job placement. However, the person on the phone had a strong financial background, and because Routhier Placement specializes in legal placement, we did not have any job opportunities that would fit her. So instead of just hanging up, Hope, the receptionist, informed the office of the call and asked if anyone knew of anyother placement agencies. Rob, a recruiter, took the call and gave her the name and telephone number of any other agency that could help her out.

So I wonder, can automatic responsibility only occur in small, intimate organizations? I have never worked in a large organization before, so I am very curious. Does anyone have any experience in large corporations where they can give examples of automatic responibility occuring or not occuring?