Sunday, February 12, 2006

Why Blog at Work?

I think I am with the rest of the class when it comes to knowing what a blog is. I have always knew what it was, but when I heard in class that people blog for work, I could not understand why. I have never heard of anyone having to post blog entries for work. Working for a placement agency, I have never seen "blogging" as part of the job description.

With my curiousity, I decided to ask around and find out who exactly is blogging for work. I decided to ask my brother Jon, who is a stock benefit consultant, if he blogs for work. He told me he doesn't blog himself, but he does in fact read one everyday. The blog he reads everyday is of "someone very important." He would not tell me who he is, and he also told me not to disclose the firm he works for. The reason Jon reads this blog is to get information on what the stock market is doing, and to receive the recent news regarding all the stocks Jon deals with. He is also getting this information from a different perspective, and not just what the charts are saying.

So then I asked Jon why he doesn't have a blog himself. He said he would if he had numerous people working for him. He said it would be good to have to keep people up to date constantly with what has been going on. For example, he could inform people when his clients were not happy, when they were happy, things to look for in the upcoming weeks, etc. He said up until he has a staff working for him, he will continue to read other blogs for his benefit.

After speaking with Jon, it became clear to me why people blog for work. I think it is a great way to keep communication flowing smoothly, and a great way to connect with people on all levels of the hierarchy.