Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Have you heard?

Your own Professor Carl of Northeastern University is being recognized nationally in places such as The Wall St. Journal and Advertising Age, as well as Management Communication Quarterly for his research. The research, for those of you don’t know, is about “word-of-mouth” (WOM) marketing. Out today in the Northeastern Voice publication is a colorful article regarding the research he has been laboriously working on. So for those days when we didn’t have class, Dr. Carl has been sharing his research with the world. Reading the article, (which unfortunately was not availabe online yet from NU Voice, but can be picked up by students in those nifty NU newspaper shelves throughout campus), I discovered there is a Word-of-Mouth Marketing Association, as well as the implications of such marketing tactics. In terms of Organizational communications and this class WOM, informal networking would be a great channel to facilitate this advertising.

Reading through the article, I thought blogging definitely has a place within all of this, and sure enough, (although I would have been a little disappointed had Dr. Carl not thought of this already) there is a blog “to facilitate dialogue”: www.wom-study.blogspot.com

Furthermore, as I was reading the article, I thought to myself, “Hmm, could blogging become a new avenue for WOM advertising?” Once people develop a relationship or dialogue in a particular blog, wouldn’t it be a great space to share thoughts about products, brands etc? This could also become a dangerous space, since users are “anonymous”, the intentions of such agents could be suspect.

PS- word of the day: “serendipitous” a word used in the Voice article to describe Dr. Carl’s partnership with BzzAgent Inc.