Friday, February 03, 2006

The beginning of the end

That’s it; I am officially over the hill. At the ripe age of 22, I am out of the loop; technology has moved past my realm of knowledge. When did this blogging stuff begin?? (For the record, my computer is so old it doesn’t automatically recognize “blog” as an English word.) How did I miss the memo? Where did my learning stop? Am I the last one to begin blogging? Did you know blog is a combination of the words “web” and “log”? (I am sure you did, but just in case you use jargon without knowing it’s meaning, my research uncovered that nifty fact.) Before this class had begun, I knew nothing of this phenomenon.

You can imagine my disbelief, when I was spending some of my free time reading a magazine--trying not to think about class—and to my shock I stumble upon an article (Glamour magazine, January 2006) on blogging: Apparently this has been going on for years, with over 50 million blogs in existence! Evidently people blog for many reasons, to connect with long-distance families and friends, as a support group (for subjects such as weight-loss), and advice for raising their children. People can also get fired from their jobs for blogging… And now I am blogging to fulfill a class requirement.

It seems this group of people using common technology to communicate have created a new space. Whether it is for business or leisure, people are communicating through channels previously not penetrated. This network can be both formal and informal. The diverse capabilities of blogging create this fascinating force of humans coming together to share experiences in search of a common ground. Question: With this (relatively) new technology, are people sacrificing their face-to-face interpersonal relationships in favor of a potentially less-intimidating avenue of communication? Will blogging eventually take over as the most popular communication method? Can 50 million people be wrong? (I was trying to echo that Bon Jovi sentiment, but couldn’t remember it exactly, so I “googled” it, and would you believe the first response was a BLOG called “100,000 bloggers can’t be wrong”!!)

So dear readers, it is not a complete loss, I am still clinging to the other side of hill, trying to creep back up to the top, where you all are conversing in this fascinating forum.

The bottom line: If you are reading, I was able to post, and I am now part of the blogging community …yikes!